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Learning additional language is a cognitive activity

not just a linguistic one.

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Welcome to French Language Learning Club

"Having fun while learning French "


French Language Learning Club provides French Language Tuition to primary age children 5-16 years old.


French programmes are design for Primary aged pupils who wish to learn a Modern Foreign Language (MFL) thus give a smooth transition when entering Secondary school.


Each programme is planned, structured and simple to follow. The teaching style allows children to learn whilst at the same time becoming enthusiastic and motivated to learn  

a MFL.

Through various activities children learn while having fun. This is a unique teaching method and proven to be highly successful.


Lessons have a unique blend of fun and education for an ever-increasing number of children learning languages.


Proven methods include:

  • Well structured Programmes with key themes throughout the Course

  • Oral/conversational activities

  • Fun Games, singing and drama

  • Small groups (8 maximum), depending on age group

  • Lively games and simulating activities, online music and video with songs, stories and flashcards

  • Children gain confidence and a perfect accent!


From the first lesson, your child/ren will have the opportunity to imitate the French accent.

He/she will be taken on a learning journey of speaking, reading and writing in French through activities

that are interesting, rewarding and fun.


The continuous assessment is KEY to record progress and achievement.



The whole French programme supports the National Curriculum scheme and beyond depending on ability of your child.


I am confident that this experience will give your child/ren the confidence and a good grounding to learn

a Modern Foreign Language in preparation for their transition to Secondary school.


French Language Learning Club also provides:  Tutoring one-to-one/Small Group, After school club and French for business corporate.


If you cannot decide and would like to try before committing yourself, please contact me for more information.


Bienvenue !