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Learning additional language is a cognitive activity

not just a linguistic one.

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French Language Tutoring and Cultural awareness

Lessons taylored to you and your lifestyle


As a native speaker, born and educated in France with a strong knowledge of French culture ( as well as the British culture ), way of life and philosophy, I am dedicated to teaching French to the individual clients who want to feel comfortable with every aspect of the language and in every situation of daily life.

My teaching method is not " text book" but more practical with situations of every day life.



Need polishing your French? or need to book your holidays with a direct French owner- do not go any further- I can provide this service and prepare your French Holidays 



After working for a Worldwide company in the city of Coventry and gaining various professional qualifications, my aim is now to help corporate people speak, write and understand business French.

Tailored to your needs, my teaching focuses on  General Business, Web-based business, Recruitment and Finance.

In addition to the teaching of the language, I support and help my clients to understand the French culture, in order to interact in French business environment. This non verbal communication can only be delivered by a native speaker.



  • If you are about to re-locate to a French Speaking Country, courses for spouses/partners and children are also available.

  • Training from the comfort of your home

  • Searching for accommodation/rental/buying

  • Searching/ Registering for nursery/schools/childminders

  • Telephone Conversations

  • Travelling/Health covers/Leisure & family entertainment

  • Banking/appointment with the bank/setting up accounts

  • Culture and Tradition

  • And most important French Speaking workshop ( role play) !



  • My approach is fun and varied, involving not only books but also role-play, audio-tools, games  and real life situations

  • My main focus is mastering the accents and teaching you about the French culture.




Translation: This section is under development, patientez !

  • Human Translation

  • Professional Translation

  • Documents Translations

  • Website Translations

  • Buying a property in France