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Learning additional language is a cognitive activity

not just a linguistic one.

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French GCSE for Year 10 and 11 only


By the time your child reaches the age of looking for employment in our greatest globalization of  world economies


He/ She will have to speak at least one if not two Modern  Foreign languages in addition to their mother tongue.


  • Tuition from a native speaker allows for a more natural approach and can also provide an insight into cultural differences

  • Experienced language tutor at the tutor's own home.

  • Takes the pressure away experienced by many students in a classroom situation

  • Programme is tailormade to suit individual students

  • Increases confidence


Here are the areas covered when working towards GCSE exams:


  • Listening, Speaking, reading and writing skills  

  • Grammar

  • Vocabulary

  • Dictation

  • Any challenging area/topics



Exams skills


You child will be preparing for the following:


  • Listening, reading and speaking exams, preparing for the written controlled assessment, using a dictionary, understanding exam instructions/rubrics, the French alphabet, checking your writing


  • Mock exams for listening and reading, as well as controlled assessments for writing and speaking




Depending on the current grade,

your child may start to receive

a 90 minutes session for a short period of time.


Tutoring is available as a one-to-one  only.




Terms and Conditions applies:

Available on request

Refund:Once payment is made, the fees are non-refundable

Any missed lessons are non refundable and non recoverable.


Initial assessment:

Book today- one hour and will be charged at £10.00 which is non-refundable.






Do you need to brush up your skills for a business trip or just learn some new ones to add enjoyment to a holiday ?

Contact me for a quotes.

Zoom lessons are available on request.